Meet A&B

A is for Amber, an American from Arizona.

Lincoln, United Kingdom is her home for now while she obtains her master’s degree from the university. She’s come 5,000 miles across the Atlantic from Arizona to Great Britain to experience British culture, and of course the exquisite ‘fish n’ chips.’ She’s an avid traveler who’s looking to get on a bus, plane, train or any other thousand pounds of metal machine that could take her somewhere new, now.

She’s not the best meal maker, but does know how to read a recipe and follow cooking instructions. With B by her side, she hopes to become a more confident and versatile chef.

Sharing the American culture she knows and loves is fun, but learning about the cultures she immerses herself in is much more her style.

Let the A & B (American and British and Amber versus Brigid) cooking adventures begin.

Follow Amber on Twitter: @ambersumpter


me Brigid British born and bred and has a lot of love for baking.

She is currently studying for a masters in Journalism from the University of Lincoln.  It was through doing this course that she met her American cooking partner in crime.  Her main love is beauty and fashion but she’s also rather keen on cooking . A huge fan of Mary Berry, Baking and reading a good cook book.

She is eager to learn more about the American cuisine whilst teaching Amber that British is best.

Join us on our culinary journey from the comfort of your own home

Follow Brigid on twitter @brigid_farrell

You can also follow the A&B twitter page to keep up to date with recipes and posts @AandBculinaryJ

If you’ve got questions or comments about a recipe you’ve seen here, contact Amber and Brigid at:


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