Lincolnshire Rarebit


Last week I brought you one of my favourite Sunday desserts so this week I though why not follow the Sunday theme.   This is a dish that brings back memories of cold Sunday nights rushing through my homework for the next day (because of course I always left it to the last minute).

After a heavy Sunday lunch you definitely don’t want a big meal later, you want something that’s light but at the same time just a little bit indulgent as it is Sunday after all.  I think we’ve probably already covered how much I like cheese so it won’t come as any surprise to see a recipe for Lincolnshire rarebit which is a slight adaptation of the traditional Welsh rarebit.

There’s just something special about a good Welsh rarebit that gives it an edge over a plain old cheese on toast it could be the addition of good ale, the heat of the mustard or the tangy after taste of Worcestershire sauce.

I hear you cry out what makes this cheesy delight a Lincolnshire rarebit? Well I will tell you now. Although I am not originally from Lincoln it has become a home to me in the last four years and in this time I have come to appreciate the amazing food this lovely region holds.   It’s because of this that I decided to use the rich Lincolnshire Poacher cheese and the deep malty tastes of Bateman’s XXXB pale ale.

Considering there’s little evidence to say that this melted cheese goodness does actually originate in Wales then we might as well pay homage to the delights of Lincoln.

In England we often serve chutney’s with our cheeses and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to use up the apples I had left over from last week.

Now I’m not sure I’m the best person to describe what chutney is, Amber pulled a face when I called it a savoury jam with fruit in… yup I clearly have a way with words.


What you’ll need….

For the chutney

For the rarebit






1) For the ‘savoury jam’ heat a large frying pan until hot. Pop in the brown sugar and sultana’s and heat until the sugar is just melting. Add the vinegar and cook until totally dissolved and starting to caramelise.

2)Stir in the apples,tomatoes and onions and cook for ten minutes. The fruits will become soft and tender.

Decant into a sterilised jar. Restrain yourself from tucking right in becuase you will burn your tounge and it will hurt!

3) Whilst the chutney cools pre-heat the grill and slice your bread.

4)  Pop the cheese and beer in a small pan and heat until the cheese bubbles, then add in the mustard,tabasco and Worcestershire sauce.

Stir in the flour and cook until just thickened.

5) Toast slightly then spoon on the cheesy goodness. Grill for 2-3 minutes .

SERVE with plenty of chutney !!!




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